As fans of gritty, Sci-Fi, action-thrillers from the world of movies and graphic novels, get ready for a new line of innovative publications featuring remarkable stories and a vast array of characters with extraordinary abilities...all set against the backdrop of a creatively uncompromising and ever expanding universe. With cover artwork by the award winning Ciara McAvoy, and illustrations by  Dan Butcher, META WORLDS, the launch title for this unique thrill-ride of Action and Drama, is out - NOW!



Meta Worlds is the new publication from Mediaaria CDM, intended to introduce an innovative type of storytelling; comprising of characters rich in emotional depth, intrigue and complexity.


META WORLDS Introduces DCI John Shiels; a Police Officer on a trail of a Serial Killer whose investigations leads to an astonishing revelation (Silencer), and Meta-Mercs Investigations (MMi); the crime-fighting team with extra-ordinary abilities that nobody wants, but our world will soon discover that they most  desperately need...


With stunning, painted cover art by the Award Winning Artist, Ciara McAvoy, interior illustrations by talented Artist, Dan Butcher and other cool features just waiting to be uncovered, make sure to purchase your copy of Meta Worlds today, and get ready to explore whole new worlds of Action and Adventure...


                                                  META WORLDS - OUT NOW!

META WORLDS - Your Journey To Adventure Begins Here...
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Ciara McAvoy - Cover artist on Meta Worlds, Ciara is a Scottish artist who has won numerous awards for her work in the film industry, including a Davey Award and a Creativity International Award for her Filth poster in 2014 and five total Communicator Awards in 2015 for FilthX-Men, and Star Wars Revenge of the Sith. To find out more about Ciara, check out her website or to connect, follow Ciara on Twitter.

Dan Butcher - Interior artist on Meta Worlds, Dan is the Creator, Writer and Artist of the British based Superhero Comic – Vanguard. To learn more about Dan, check out his work on Vanguard or follow him on Twitter.

Harry Harris - Writer and Creator of MMi, Harry has served in the British Military and in UK Law-Enforcement for thirty-three years. A lifelong Comic, Science-Fiction and Action movie fan, MMi is Harry's first published work. To connect with Harry, click here. For updates from Harry and the world of MMi, click here.

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