Q: What is the Royalties package that MEDIAARIA CDM offers to Authors?
A: Authors will receive 10% of the Publisher's net income receipts of total copies of the book sold. Royalties are calculated on the sales figures provided by our distributor, Ingram. Royalties are paid yearly based on the First Publication Date of the work, and usually 3 months post this date. We pay royalties of 10% on Publisher's net receipts, which is the total figure that remains after wholesalers' and retailers' discounts, manufacturing and distribution costs of the book have been taken into account. 
Q: Can I get an advance against my royalties ?
A: MEDIAARIA CDM does not pay an advance against royalties.
Q: In the event of a co-authored work,  can royalty
payments be split between the co-author and myself?
A:  No, we do not offer the option to split the royalty payment between individuals. Royalties will be paid to the 'Lead Author' who is specified as such in submission materials and subsequent contract. It is then the responsibility of the 'Lead Author', once royalty payments have been received, to split any payments with co-authors. 
Q: When will my royalties be paid?
A: Royalties are paid on an annual basis, one year from the First Publication date of the work, and 90 days of this anniversary date; unless the sum is less than £10 where, in this event, the sum due will be carried over.  Authors will only receive royalties due for books sold. However, please be aware that books are not considered sold, and royalties will not be paid, until payment is actually received by MEDIAARIA CDM from our distribution partner, Ingram.  For example, Wholesalers pay for books they sell 120 days after the end of the month in which the books were sold. This means that if a book was sold in January, our distributor would pay MEDIAARIA CDM for that book until the end of May/beginning of June.
Q: What about Author's copies?
A: Authors will receive a complimentary copy of their work free of charge courtesy of MEDIAARIA CDM.  Thereafter, authors may purchase any quantity of books at trade retail price via booksellers. Royalties will be paid on all books sold at retail price.
Q: Do I have to pay fees to get my book published?
 A:  No. MEDIAARIA CDM does not require its authors to pay any fees or charges pertaining to getting their work published in traditional print novel format, or any other type of editing or book cover art fees etc. Quite simply, if we at MEDIAARIA CDM believe your work is good enough to publish, then we will commit financially to do so.