Q: How are our titles promoted?
A: Books are primarily marketed and promoted through the global reach of online, social media platforms and other web-based and multimedia channels. With our titles distributed by Ingram, the world's largest distributor for book wholesalers and retailers in over 100 countries, including Amazon.com, Baker & Taylor, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository and others, it allows MEDIAARIA CDM to have the widest possible reach in the availability of our titles. In addition, as we place strong emphasis on interactivity between the Author and their readership base, we also provide an 'Author's Page' via our website.       
Q: Will Authors be expected to promote their book?
A: In a word, 'Yes'.  As a small press publishing house with finite resources, we greatly encourage authors signed to our list to be authors who are comfortable in being proactive where social media is concerned, as we believe that this contributes to the long-term goal of establishing a readership base upon which a new or emerging author can build upon. Consequently, although we very much welcome the Author’s pro-activity, and we deem it acceptable for the Author to host vblogs, and talk to high street bookstores about hosting author appearances etc, please be aware that the Author will be speaking not as a representative of MEDIAARIA CDM and the Author is not permitted to act in any way as a promissory agent to third parties, commercial businesses or institutions, without the express written permission of MEDIAARIA CDM. 
Q: Will MEDIAARIA CDM arrange book readings/signings/receptions?
A: Although MEDIAARIA CDM will do all that it can to arrange, help to arrange or contribute to the reasonable costs of book readings / signings and other events in terms of providing promotional material, this is done altogether at MEDIAARIA CDM's discretion and does not include bulk stocking of the book title concerned or the hiring venues. We strictly provide only promotional material as appropriate such as posters, bookmarks, electronic press kits etc and it is the sole responsibility of the author to arrange the hiring of venues for receptions, readings and signings etc. This is because as a form of promotion, we deem this method to be both cost prohibitive and, by its very nature, limited in its reach. We also believe it more productive for an author (in this modern age of publishing) to engage in online promotional activity in order to build a long-lasting relationship between the Author and their readership base. Should you be interested, for tips on how to arrange a book launch / reception, signing etc, click here.
Q: Does MEDIAARIA CDM provide Review Copies at events?
A: In line with technological advances made in publishing, we do not provide hard copies of our titles at events but rather have adopted an 'e-Inspection' model for delegates to peruse the contents of the book electronically. To request this service for an event, send us a message via our Contact Us page.