Q: Will MEDIAARIA CDM copyright my work for me?
 A: When you wrote your book, you automatically asserted copyright ownership and,as such, your work is under copyright protection the moment it is created and in a tangible form. In short, a copyright does not have to be formally registered for it to be valid. The act of creation itself gives the author copyright protection.
Nonetheless, for a more formal record of ownership in case of an infringement query, or should the author require further peace of mind, in the first instance, it is the author's responsibility to apply for the copyright of their book pre-publication of the work. All other applications to have their work registered by us, post the publication of the work in book form, are to be made by the Author strictly in writing within 1 month of the publication date of the said work in question. Once an application in writing has been received by us within the stated time period given above, we will proceed to have the work registered with the Copyright Registration Office of the United Kingdom where your copyright will be valid for life in 164 countries subject to the Bern Convention, which includes the United States. 
For further information on copywriting material or on copyright in general, please visit www.copyright.co.uk or www.copyright.gov, the website of the United States Copyright Office. 
Q: Once I have published my book with
MEDIAARIA CDM, who owns the rights?
A: You own the book rights. However, once you have signed to contract, you have licenced your sales rights (including the right to print, distribute, and promote your work) exclusively to us and you do not have the right to sell your book unless specifically permitted by MEDIAARIA CDM.
Q: Can I still publish my work elsewhere?
A: With the exception of digital reproductions (i.e. e-book format), no. You are granting MEDIAARIA CDM the exclusive worldwide first publication print rights (in any format and in all languages, including without limitation, the right to publish in other data storage media, transmission over the Internet and other communication networks and in any other electronic form in relation and affiliated to the traditional print format)  to print, distribute, and sell your work for you on your behalf.
Q: What happens if a rival publishing house
saw my book and wanted to publish it?
A: Other publishers may ask you to sever your agreement with MEDIAARIA CDM and grant them exclusive rights. If you decide to go elsewhere, your work published by MEDIAARIA CDM will remain on MEDIAARIA CDM’s list and you will continue to receive royalties for sales until a 'quit claim' buy-out to MEDIAARIA CDM is accepted by MEDIAARIA CDM from the prospective new publisher of your work. Only at this point will MEDIAARIA CDM remove the work from MEDIAARIA CDM’s publication list and all subsequent royalty payments to the Author will cease. MEDIAARIA CDM will consider any such offer and always strive to achieve the maximum benefit for our Authors.