Q: Does my book have to be edited?
A: Yes. MEDIAARIA CDM will edit the work in close co-operation with the Author. The work will be edited (using British English grammar as a standard basis) for the purposes of improving consistency, clarity and to bring the best out of the Author's work in terms of character and story. We provide support from the beginning to the end of the publishing process and will assist in the editing of the work, making sure it is grammatically and structurally sound. We do not change the meaning or voice of your work. MEDIAARIA CDM will never make changes to the work without the Author's prior approval. 
Q: What will my book layout look like?
A: Your book will be produced in a 5" x 8" hardcover, traditional print format and the fonts of our printers are very readable. The printer that we use is a quality printer who are experts at working with digitally printed works and conduct quality control checks on each book before they are shipped to readers.
Q: Who will have my book cover designed?
A: Yes. Although the sole discretion of what the cover will show will remain exclusively within our prerogative, we readily accept and encourage the Author's input. For this purpose, upon signing with MEDIAAIRA CDM, the author will be provided with a 'Author ConsultationBooklet' which will enable them to describe what they wish the cover to convey.
Q: Will my book have an ISBN number?
A: MEDIAARIA CDM will purchase an International Standard Book Number (ISBN) specifically for your book. An ISBN is required by all book sales channels and bookstores to track and order books.
Q: How is the retail price of books calculated?
A: MEDIAARIA CDM will set the retail price of your book to be competitive with other books in the genre. Retail price is based upon the List Price (set by us, the Publishers), which is in turn dependent upon the cost of book production (binding, book size, number of pages, etc) and book distribution.