Founded as a small press publishing house in 2010, it has been MEDIAARIA CDM's mission to challenge restrictions and barriers imposed upon new and emerging writers by major publishing houses and institutions with vested interests by utilising the power of the internet to make titles readily available primarily through online booksellers and other e-commerce platforms so that the reading-going public are  the only ones who determines a book’s worth and success.


MEDIAARIA CDM’s mission is based upon these four pillars:


1)    DISCOVERING AND LAUNCHING NEW TALENT. We are committed to publishing writers from all over the world who write stories that are entertaining, yet innovative and thought-provoking.


2)    NURTURING AUTHORS. We are committed to work with our authors to develop and improve their writing and hone their craft whilst promoting literacy and encouraging original methods of literary expression.


3)    CHAMPIONING TRADITIONAL BOOKS. We are committed to traditional books. We believe in the primacy of the printed word and desire to cherish and protect the traditional book format whilst seeking to utilise primarily online media to promote, market and encourage the purchase of the traditional book.


4)  PROMOTING AUTHORS’ WORK THROUGH NEW MEDIA. We are absolutely committed to working with the author in promoting their works via electronic and social media and interact with our readership audience in order to spread our love of books through the power of the internet. This is because in the age of modern twenty-first century publishing, we believe that online promotional methods are more effective for authors in finding an audience for their work.


     The Book Publishing Company.
The Book Publishing Company.

Through reputable and leading online and high street bookstores for order, our titles

are available in the following major regions and countries around the world:


United States, UK, Canada, European Union, Kenya, South Africa,

India, Japan, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America.

                   AIMS & OBJECTIVES

MEDIAARIA CDM, as a publishing house, aims to promote modern marketing methods to enable targeted electronic, social and mobile-based internet marketing of the titles we publish. Consequently, we do not, as a rule, undertake traditional marketing methods such as book signings, book launches etc. Instead, although we will of course assist the author in promoting their work through our own financially sourced marketing endeavors, we also champion, promote and strongly encourage authors signed to our list to be highly proactive in online promotions and social media themselves, and we require our authors signed to support these principles. 

                         POLICY DOCS

To discover more about our publishing house's history, policies and values, please download this comprehensive review policy paper:
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