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META WORLDS, has won a second Award for Excellence; a Communicator Awards winner for it's cover art at the 24th Annual event. The Communicator Awards honors works that transcends innovation and craft. This award follows the Gold Davey Awards also won by 'Meta Worlds' in the 13th Annual International Davey Awards 2017. The winners of both Awards are selected and judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts (AIVA); leading lights of top-tier professionals from the creative world of media and the visual arts. For more info, click here.

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Artwork by Cristian D Navarro

MEDIAARIA CDM is proud to announce that Cristian David Navarro will provide original artwork for META WORLDS (Vol.II), the follow-up to the new series of gritty Sci-Fi / action thrillers stories that debuted with META WORLDS - OUT NOW! Cristian is a talented comic book artist from Argentina and his illustrations has featured in a number of publications. Cristian is currently working for Markosia, a leading UK publisher of graphic novels. META WORLDS Vol.II (2020, tbc). For updates from Cristian, click here.




W. RUTH KOZAK, author of the critically-acclaimed Alexander the Great themed historical novels, SHADOW OF THE LION, appears as the cover feature in the November 2018 issue of Opal, the literary magazine for Canadian authors and writers. Opal Magazine is a monthly digital magazine published by Opal Publishing. To download your copy, click here. To Follow Opal on Twitter, click here.

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Ruth Kozak with“CarpeDiem TV” host Carmen R Y Laza
Ruth Kozak, the Greek Consul General, Thanos Ioannus and his wife at the Launch for The Fields of Hades
Ruth Kozak, the Greek Consul General, Thanos Ioannus and his wife at the Launch for The Fields of Hades
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W. RUTH KOZAK, critically acclaimed author of SHADOW OF THE LION and nominated Finalist of the 2016 Book Excellence Awards debut novel about the Wars of Succession of Alexander the Great, has appeared as a Panellist for "Carpe Diem TV", hosted by Carmen Ruiz y Liaz. Already in receipt of praise from bestselling authors such as Steven Pressfield and Scott Oden, own your copy of the concluding second volume, SHADOW OF THE LION: FIELDS OF HADES - Out Now! Follow Ruth here.




A "Triumphant" work in the "finest way of historical fiction...". JACK DEMPSEY, Author of 'Ariadne's Brother, Calendar House, and People of the Sea.

THE TUNNEL, the brilliant new novel by Gail Chehab, was nominated as a Finalist in the 2016 Oregon Book Awards. The winners was announced at the 29th annual Oregon Book Awards ceremony held on April 11, 2016! Praised by bestselling authors Leslie Schwartz and Bonnie ZoBell, get your copy of THE TUNNEL, which has already been awarded Second Place in the Roanoke Reviews Annual Fiction Contest and was a Finalist for the Arthur Edelstein Prize, as well as a Semi-Finalist for the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Competition / Salem Colege's International Literary Awards. To learn more, click here.